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About Bryson

19885_124267521116690_1418328447_nWelcome to BoeFitness.

A little about me. Growing up, I was never the kid that was “in shape.” I had a little more around the belly. It never really bothered me until one day I saw a picture of myself which made me step on a scale. About 4 years ago, I was 250 pounds and had never lifted a weight in my life. Well, at least not successfully. I was the kid who walked into the gym, got scared out of my shoes, did a set, and walked away.

I had a wake-up call when I destroyed my shoulder while snowboarding one day. After surgery and physical therapy, I started with a trainer just to strengthen the muscles in the shoulder. You know, to keep it in place and all. 250 pounds turned into 230, which then turned into 215, and made me think that yeah, there’s something to this whole “health” thing. That’s when I started looking at dieting and exercise more in depth. I didn’t look at what the diet was, but why it was like that.

After a lot of research, I realized that it really isn’t hard at all to stick to a diet. It basically comes down to being disciplined and KNOWING what is healthy and what isn’t. Same thing with exercise too. Why lift in specific orders. Why run sprints instead of distance. Why circuit training is useful. All these things were once new to me, which is why I want to instruct you on them now.
I will train you and keep you accountable for getting into the gym and focusing on your goals while also teaching you how to negotiate the gym on your own for your specific needs.


So who is Bryson Rogers? I’m a 24 year old trainer who will change your life forever. Now it’s up to you to decide when the rest of forever starts.